The mysterious power of candles...

Isn't it amazing how fragrance can have a mysterious power over our brains, especially when it comes to candles. Certain fragrances can actually pose images in our heads of things from our past.

Everyday that we are awake, our brain is constantly soaking up fragrances that take us on a journey...many times down memory lane. Think about it. In the morning, just smelling the coffee brewing can actually wake us up before we even take our first sip. Smelling a whiff of chocolate cake baking can cause our taste buds to scream "CAKE".

A personal example in my life would be the smell of the original "Jergens" lotion... Cherry Almond... this scent makes me think of my sweet mamaw...she only wore Jergens which is a wonderful memory for me. Clearly, such fragrant memories can also spur emotions which proves that scents have power over our brain and burning the right candle scent is important to us.

I love candles, particularly soy candles. I have learned over the years that just because a candle smells good while cold on the shelf doesn't mean that the candle will smell good when burning. I have also learned that black smoke from a candle is not a good thing and is really an indication that the candle was created with cheap wax and a mass produced fragrance. Who wants to pay for that fragrant memory?

All candles are not created equally...

Candles are made from different wax sources. Some carry and throw scents better, some are friendlier to the environment, and some are downright dangerous. It is important to know about the dangers of paraffin, the most common candle wax.

Paraffin is a petroleum-based wax and when burned, it releases carcinogenic toxins such as benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde into your air. These are the same toxins released when burning diesel fuel. Believe it or not, these types of candles when burned frequently can cause asthma and even certain types of lung cancer. They are also horrible for your indoor pets.

So what makes a hand-poured soy candle so special?

Soy wax is a vegetable wax and does not release any toxins into the air. Soy candles burn very clean, they don't increase the CO2 in the air and there are no toxins included in the invisible smoke. Because soy candles burn slowly and clean, you get more for your money.

I created the Vintage Wax Handpoured Soy Candle line as a fun side item to feature for sale at my vintage pop up shows. I thought it would help build my brand "American Farmgirl" and to be honest with you, candles are fun to make.

Each candle scent is created by me, measuring and mixing different natural oils and so I have learned a lot about candle making...what works and what doesn't work. It's like life...let's figure it out as we make the journey.

I hope you will try one of my new Vintage Wax soy candles for your home. There is something for everyone...

Amazing Grace

Cajun Kiss


Georgia Peach

Nutter Butter

Tennessee Whiskey

Each fragrance is available in 8 oz. (Single Wick - 25 hour burn) and 16 oz. (Double Wick - 60 hr. burn). 

Check them out here  


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